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New Beginnings

This morning was everything; waking up with renewed energy and affirmed purpose. This morning was love. Today, I’m on my knees, tears streaming from my eyes. I’m thankful. It’s imperative that I express my gratitude. This warm, pink energy that wrapped me up in its embrace, soothing as the cotton candy sky behind a brand new sun, is for you. It’s for me and it’s for you. ... This red hot aura emanating from my core, intense and seductive, dangerous and exciting, is for you. It’s for me and it’s for you. This beautiful blue that colors my soul, dark as night and deep as the sea, is for you. It’s for me and it’s for you.

Thank you.

To my village, the women who joined hands and used strength of spirit and unconditional love to pull me from the toxicity of crisis: My sisters in the struggle…. Those who call themselves allies…. Kindred spirits and lifetime friends… My love is for you.

To my family, the blood ties that choose me out of love and not obligation, the forever loves who, with the depth of their devotion, restored me to atomic form and bestowed upon me the lost memory of the source of my existence: My mother. My father. My sisters. My brothers. My love is for you.

To my rock, the light in the darkness, the laughter after the tears, my legs when I feel I’ve lost the strength to stand, who with fortitude of friendship and the permanence of loyalty, kept me from the depths of despair, reminding me to breathe even if it meant gasping for air: My best friend. My love is for you.

To my old thing, that little flame that burns in a safe space in my heart, who, with wanting eyes and sweet nothings, became a mirror that enabled me to see myself through the eyes of those not privy to what could have been a tragedy. My always and my never. My love is for you.

To my struggle, that rush, unwillingly, through the fire; that collision of intention, the sparring of energies that comes before peace that, with harsh realities, bitter truths, ugly experiences, and violent eruptions, tried and tested me. My pain. My love is for you.

To Njera, that enduring soul with inextinguishable passion, that bleeding heart with love like a tsunami, that awkward personality manifested in goofy smiles, who with strength of conviction, belief in herself, and faith in the future, came to a place of peace, of healing, of joy, and of optimism. Myself. My love is for me.

This life is everything and I am moving forward with renewed energy and affirmed purpose. This life is love.

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