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OUR ecology

Officially, 400+1 is a cooperative federation led by an exclusively Black vanguard. The vanguard, itself, is an ecology of collectives that identify as administrative leadership, charismatic & tactical leadership, procedural leadership, spiritual leadership, and grassroots leadership, respectively. 




400+1’s Ministry of Cohesion  contributes internal management of the federation’s day-to-day operations. 




The L1 Collective contributes charismatic & tactical leadership through external culture work, pro-Black & anti-capitalist propaganda, identity-based galvanization, offensive assaults on oppressive institutions, and tactical interventions in systemic assaults on Black wellness.

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The L2 Collective contributes procedural leadership through the internal systemization of the federation’s external activity.




The L3 Collective contributes developmental leadership through tangible cultivation, peer to peer support, spiritual facilitation, artistic expression, political education, and institutional invention for the federation’s maroons.




400+1’s L4 collective contributes grassroots leadership through the distribution of federation resources to Black communities, the cultivation of intimate relationships with the Black masses, and the reclamation of those relationships from colonization.

The rest of the federation consists of exclusively Black intentional living communities, Black social clubs, IPOC worker owned cooperatives, and reparations paying white allies. Each of these semi-autonomous formations are unionized under 400+1’s banner. 

400+1’s social clubs are a new addition to the federation’s infrastructure. Our hope is that building relationships within containers that resonate with the masses will grow the quality of both the vanguard and club members, augment our potential to mass mobilize, create space for identity-based gathering, and bridge the gap between the vanguard and the masses. Social clubs also function as worker cooperatives and help both fund the revolution and economically stabilize Black communities. 




The Late Bloomers Social Club is a gathering space for Black femmes experiencing their Saturn Return to reclaim their sensuality, study, imagine, resource one another’s healing, practice magic, channel their inner High Priestess, and embody true bad bitch energy. This is a space to process and transmute the heavy energy we encounter between the ages twenty-seven and thirty-one and leverage it for self actualization and collective power. LBSC is a space to think critically, feel deeply, turn up, be seen, and see the world.

The club meets: 

  • Virtually, via Discord, once per week, to swap, hype, fangyrl over, and approve sexually explicit content for Aiel Wolf: Venus In Aquarius. Submissions are optional. 

  • Virtually, via Google Hangouts, once per month-on the New Moon-to get high & sip wine, unbox monthly membership goodies, discuss the book of the month, and perform collective rituals. 

  • In-person, twice annually; once for an all expense paid femme’s trip and, finally, for 400+1’s 14 day All Federation Retreat.


Membership benefits include: 

  • an annual LBSC trip

  • a monthly, hand curated subscription box 

  • a hardcover copy of the book of the month 

  • 50% discount on the entire LBSC luxury vintage line 

  • annual All Federation Retreat 

  • access to internal & federation-wide mutual aid 

  • cooperative ownership of Aiel Wolf: Venus In Aquarius; a graphic art and Tezos powered NFT project that illustrates sexually explicit content submitted by LBSC members. 


Membership requirements: 

  • You must be a Black femme between the ages 27 and 31

  • We ask that you make a monthly pay-what-you-can donation to 400+1($1/month min.) 

  • You must attend and participate in  the LBSC Trip, AFR, and virtual meetups

Riot Gang Logo.png




That makes me a menace to this society. 
I have dreams, no visions, of destruction. 
A leper, marked by a rage that refuses to be swallowed.
Hunted by the oppressor looking to make an example. 
Exiled by the oppressed who see violence as your shadow. 
Because violence is no respector of Blackness. Anyone will get it. 
But Some of us have run out of cheeks to turn. Some of us can’t simmer down. 
For some us cannot sacrifice ourselves to save the house that is already burning, our beings are incendiary.
We are the fire starters. Rage bearers. 
Rage is the mark of my tribe, seeping through my pores, manifesting on my skin. 
But what if God made me to release the rage within? 
You are my weapon she whispers to me
To tear down this Babylon because a new life can only come through it’s destruction.
Throwing stones, bricks, bottles 
Anything from the material.
Because don’t it take material to shift material.”


- Kristina Brown, L1 and Minister of Cohesion (@selfcarehustla)

Riot Gang is exactly what it sounds like; a group of with the shits ass niggas gathering to give the finger to respectability politics, fear, repression, and pacifism. This is the space to channel and release your righteous rage. Just know that the first rule of Fight Club is that you don’t talk about Fight Club. 

The club meets: 

  • virtually, once-per month

  • twice annually; once for the Riot Gang Rager and, finally, for 400+1’s All Federation Retreat. 


Membership benefits include: 

  • 50% off rage release gear


Membership requirements: 

  • You must identify as Black 

  • You must be interested in exploring your relationship to anger through revolutionary culture

  • You must comply with the Riot Gang code of conduct 

  • We ask that you make a monthly pay what you can donation to 400+1 ($1/month minimum)

  • You must attend Riot Gang’s monthly Zoom gatherings 

  • You must attend 400+1’s annual All Federation Retreat 





Each year since 400+1 was founded there have been major assaults on reproductive autonomy. In 2018, Angel Viola Decarlo was murdered by police in Hopewell, Virginia. In 2019, the same year we developed Reproductive Revolution as a framework, bills were introduced in multiple state legislatures to charge people seeking abortions with the death penalty. That year, conservatives also implemented a new anti-abortion strategy that leveraged the “sanctuary city” concept in “defense” of embryos & fetuses in Texas. In 2020, the number of historically Black public schools rapidly closing as a result of inadequate funding & low attendance drew national attention. Last year, a study revealed that Black children are six times more likely than their non-Black counterparts to be shot by the police. Now, we are facing SCOTUS’s potential overturning of Roe v. Wade, a baby formula shortage, a tampon shortage, & rapidly growing inflation & unemployment.

We urge folx not to continue expecting the state to protect them.We  invite Black abortion advocates and repro-movement workers to join Djiango: A Social Club for Reproductive Revolutionaries. Reproductive Revolution is a process through which collective reproductive autonomy is prioritized & radical alternatives to reproductive oppression are tactically defended. Django is one component of 400+1’s RR campaign, “The State Has No Authority Here” & also an Orishan word that means reproductive revolution. Orishan is a language created by 400+1 to build its own cultural autonomy, to connect with our ancestors and descendants through the magic of the tongue, & to protect the federation from state surveillance. 400+1’s social clubs are identity-based gathering spaces that bridge the gap between the federation’s vanguard & the Black masses. They also function as worker cooperatives & help both fund the revolution & economically stabilize Black communities. 


Social club members will meet virtually once per quarter, in person for retreats twice annually, & once annually for 400+1’s All Federation Retreat. The club cooperative’s function is to provide reproductive goods like The Del-Em, tampons, and sex toys to the general public. 




Ahmay is an Orishan word that describes the celebration of 400+1’s food-centric culture of gathering and comradery. Food has been central to 400+1 space since the federation was founded. From vanguard retreats to monthly demonstrations, if we don’t do anything else, Orishans will eat, drink, and celebrate our politic in the presence of thoughtfully curated beauty and abundance. 


Ahmay is also the name of the federation’s most recently conceptualized social club. It is a consensus driven space of Black service industry professionals who share culinary, study, and travel experiences that connect their identity as service industry folx with the Black radical tradition and revolutionary culture. This connection will include an annual travel experience that expands members’ culinary horizons, seasonal retreats at which the culinary and beverage programs for said season are previewed, and monthly study engagements that make explicit the anti-Blackness and economic oppression rooted in the culture of America’s hospitality industry. 

As all of 400+1’s social clubs also include a cooperative economic function, Ahmay’s secondary utility is that of a political supper club; open to the public one weekend per month for a liberatory brunch and lubricious dinner. This means that 400+1 has the pleasure and privilege of offering an alternative to the unethical patronage of establishments that, almost universally, exploit Black, migrant, and youth labor; an alternative that celebrates Black life, honors Orishan food culture, fosters Black joy, and undergirds Black power. Social club members will split all proceeds equitably and a reparations tax leveraged to fund and sustain 400+1’s praxis will be applied to services provided to non-Black guests of Ahmay. 

C . R . E . A . M .-12.png



C.R.E.A.M. was founded in 2021 with the vision for the organization is alternative economy as the vehicle for BIPOC solidarity. The history of revolutionary struggle teaches us that any effort we make to establish a permanent alliance, based on principle or parallel struggle, will be in vain. As a 19th century British Prime Minister once said, it is only our interests that are eternal and perpetual.

TAS logo (new).PNG



The Ally Ship was founded in October 2018 as a reparations project meant to resource 400+1’s vanguardism, destabilization, and development of alternatives to white supremacy.  400+1’s L3 intentional living communities. White folx are tasked with organizing themselves to redistribute ill gotten resources to the Black revolutionaries of 400+1. 

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