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what we believe

400+1 doesn’t engage non-Black people who haven’t explicitly committed to following Black, revolutionary leadership, reclaiming their relationship to Blackness from colonization, and contributing economically to the development of Black capacity. That commitment is reflected in literal restitution to 400+1. We believe, firmly, in building alliances pragmatically, not sentimentally and that revolutionaries should work from the outset to establish relationships most likely to serve them when the nations, institutions and communities they’ve built are under attack by white, colonial, imperialist, capitalist power. 


The federation envisions Black liberation as multiversal acknowledgement of the expansiveness of African existence, as ecological collaboration for Black wellness, and as an equitable distribution of resources-including love and protection-among Black people themselves. 


We believe that when cohesion in impetus and ideology are achieved, it will be recognizable in an autonomous and regenerative culture that centers Black liberation as a recurring theme and an ethic, in diverse political expression that ultimately returns to common principles, and in the capacity of Black folx to mobilize quickly and en masse. 


Vanguardism, in our estimation, is the utilization of voluntary martyrs for the development of institutions and ecologies that render revolutionary struggle accessible to the masses. Destabilization, within the context of the federation’s movement theory, is the impelled severance of specific relationships between the Black masses, the state, and capitalism. The federation’s intentional living communities epitomize marronage. They are a safe haven for Black people who are extracted from systemic oppression during destabilization and who voluntarily divest from the American project but, ultimately, they represent respite-not freedom-from the threat of white supremacist harm and colonization. 


400+1 was founded to protect and preserve the viability, longevity and vitality of revolutionary efforts. For this reason, each and every one of the federation’s intended contributions is internally incubated before it is externally debuted. 


The vanguard is incubated through Praxis: A Phrontistery for Black Revolutionaries.


















































Praxis is a traveling, movement school for Black revolutionaries who volunteer for vanguardism. Matriculation to Praxis is a year-long process and vanguard candidates are enrolled for six years before graduating to active duty. 400+1 believes that the practice of launching revolutionaries into practice, without considerable study and rehearsal, has proven unsustainable for its predecessors and peers. Similarly, 400+1’s destabilization tactics are incubated through study and experimentation and its intentional living communities are incubated by the vanguard’s L3 Collective. 


Beyond incubation and development, 400+1 hopes to catalyze mass mobilization through the slow and systematic organization of the African diaspora. Though not publicized, the strategy for this organization is reflected in both the federation’s structure and movement theory. We believe that 400+1 is a manifestation of the systemic and ecological resistance that will ultimately catalyze revolution and liberate the world. 


400+1 is committed to acting in the best interest of pan-Africa.


It is committed to combating the imperialist agenda of the west.


It is committed to developing an economic system that completely rejects capitalist and individualist values.


It is committed to redefining nationhood in a way that protects the cultural shift it hopes to embody, but recognizes the divinity and preserves the dignity of every living being on earth.


It is dedicated to doing the work to contribute to prison abolition and the abolition of the system of policing while, simultaneously, developing justice systems that are holistically restorative as opposed to punitive and dehumanizing.


400+1 is devoted to creating a world where Black femmes and gender non conforming people are recognized as the brilliant, capable, influential beings that they are; in which they are protected from the ills of misogynoir and sexism.


400+1 is grounded in the understanding that true Black liberation is LGBTQIA affirming and that reproductive revolution and pro-migration orientations are in the best interest of the African Diaspora.


The vision for 400+1 is one of sustainability: environmental sustainability, emotional and psychological sustainability, cultural sustainability, and movement sustainability.

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