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4we offer trainings that are designed and facilitated by Black revolutionaries who utilize thorough assessment, bold experimentation, and profound imagination to transform liberation movements from the inside out. 

Break The Cycle of Harm Perpetuated by the Non-Profit Industrial Complex 

Our training curriculum is developed by the L1 Collective whose vision is to better equip aspiring revolutionaries and allies to shift movement culture. Training participants leave our training containers having further developed their own theories for change and cemented the foundations of their own movement praxes. 

Our containers are disruptions from harmful conditioning; spaces in which participants work to unlearn deeply embedded conditioning and build holistic, healthy, and equity oriented outlooks. While participating, individuals and collectives can expect to co-facilitate their own interactive learning and form relationships that grow the movement for universal freedom.

400+1 offers both personalized training for individuals and organizations and a quarterly training series for non-Black allies. While the quarterly trainings are cumulative, allies can jump in at their convenience and move at their own pace. In 2020, training locations will include Puerto Rico, Haiti, Cuba and more.

community building must include creating systems to address harm.


In each of our trainings we acknowledge that we are all struggling toward an equitable society and that process includes preparing for harm. Each training cohort establishes not just community agreements but also methods to address harm that can occur in community space. We have found these methods fruitful in cultivating true community and coalition bonding.

upcoming Trainings

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To learn more about our rates and schedule a consultation please email us at


This sounds great! How do I sign up for an upcoming training?

Applications are accepted on a rolling schedule. Please check out our training calendar in order to best plan for upcoming opportunities. Be sure to read the event description for each training event for special application requirements. 

How much does each training cost? Do you offer individual discounts?

Training tuition varies. Please read event descriptions or reach out to us at for rates. Tickets for allies include all meals, ground transportation and lodging. Travel to the training site is not covered.

Do you offer group rates or discounts?

No, we do not offer group rates or discounts. We do provide fundraising assistance to individuals by fundraising for applicants, directly.

Do you provide trainings for organizations, businesses or coalitions?

On a case by case basis, the L1 collective can decide to assess entire organizations, businesses or coalitions in order to build a unique training curriculum that directly addresses their specific challenges. If your organization, business or coalition is interested in learning more about our assessment and training process please email us at:

If your organization, business or coalition is interested in learning more about our assessment and training creating process please email us at:

recent training clients:

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