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Black Intentional Living Communities

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400+1’s L3 is the site at which the federation pays homage to and makes space for marronage. It is the first manifestation of our world beyond survival and a space in which the Black masses can recover and be rehabilitated from capitalism, white supremacy, colonization and internalized anti-Blackness. L3 residents are gifted a tiny home and a micro-grant to launch a cooperative business within the federation upon their move-in. Residents grow their own food, are sustained by a monthly basic income disbursement and have access to a federation-wide health care fund. 


Our hope is that life at the L3 will significantly enhance the political, spiritual, and intellectual capacity of the Black masses for revolutionary struggle. We believe that the potential for mass organization and mass mobilization toward revolution must be internally developed by a principled, disciplined, and audacious vanguard. We believe that cohesive culture and a spirit of peoplehood must be seriously developed before every day Black people are ready to make sacrifices for revolutionary war. The L3 is the place at which that spirit and culture are developed. 


400+1’s L3 is in an undisclosed location outside of the United States. 

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