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Forever Your Lady

Hey Lover,

Can We Talk for a minute? I want to know your name. I'm feeling your spirit this morning. Somehow, I know that you're crooning to the classics right along with me. I've always said that I need a man whose soul is made of 90s R&B and willingness to struggle.

Good Morning, My Love.

I get so lonely. I can't let just anybody hold me. It's got to be you. You, who-like me- is consumed by thoughts of crossing the ocean, at This Very Moment, in pursuit of No Ordinary Love. You, who won't deny what you feel. You, who makes me feel.... So So So So So So So So So So Anxious. To give you all that's inside of me. To work it all out this Lifetime. To give you something I can feel. To Make It Last Forever. Always and Forever.

Good Morning, Black Man.

U Remind Me of a brother that I once knew. I know you woke up with greater courage in your heart than I. I know your mind is on revolution and that the desire for liberation orders your steps. I know that you've studied the greats and that Huey and Malcolm and Martin and Marcus and Nat and Stokely guide you in spirit. You inspire me.

Oooh. Baby, I love you; though you're a doomed man now that you've picked up the gun. And I appreciate that the books that were your alma mater will, in turn, be mine. I respect you for your refusal to remain neutral in situations of injustice. Thank you for never waiting for white people to give you your freedom. I look forward to your contribution to the liberation of my mind and; consequently, my body.

What's Good, Boo?

I submit to your demands. I know your capacity for love is so immense that your heart not only claims mine, but those of my family, my community, and my people. Baby, that's just Why I Love You So Much.

I was not blessed with a proclivity for patience. And so I wonder, prematurely, where I'll find your Pretty Brown Eyes? When will I see you? When will my heart beat? I'm so consumed by you. I gotta be in love or something like that.

Am I complete? Am I complete without your touch? Without your hand in mine? Without the contrast of your skin against my butter brown? Without the balance of your energy? Without the eruption that occurs when your passion meets mine? Or am I just half a movement? Am I just half a force? These are the questions that plague me Nite and Day.

Hello, Friend.

My belly aches from the absence of the deep, side-splitting laughter I know we'll share. Conversations pale in comparison to the mind racking, soul searching exchanges I know you'll afford me.On this day, I Say A Little Prayer for you and hope that you know I'm Saving All My Love For You.

Forever Your Lady,

Njera Eshe Emeya

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1 Comment

Janelle S
Janelle S
Oct 02, 2021

I thoroughly enjoyed this blog, thanks for sharing.

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