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The #WMHO will be launched with a survivor-led direct action happening in Austin, TX to call demand justice denied to survivors by negligent existing systems.  

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#WMHO programs, initiatives & Events

  1. #WMHO Community Response Institute: The We Must Heal Ourselves Community Response Institute will offer alternatives for survivors, offenders, and their communities through community hotlines, independent investigation, health clinics, group and individual therapy, sharing circles, victim-offender dialogue, victim impact panels, conferencing, and accountability circles. The institute will utilize volunteer efforts, organizational collaboration, and community support to redefine and truly demonstrate what #safetyforsurvivors looks like. 

  2. Believe Survivors Training: #WMHO will conduct a Believe Survivors Training on sexual harm, its prevalence, and statistically supported responses for city employees, ally communities, and survivor communities respectively. 

  3. Case Cleared Screening: #WMHO will screen “Case Cleared”, a documentary and expose on the national sexual assault clearance controversy. 

  4. Statistics for Black Survivors: Statistics for Black Survivors will spearhead a research initiative that uplifts the voices and narratives of Black survivors for whom the research community has failed to represent. 

  5. The Burden of Proof Event: The #WMHO campaign will host events at which the community can discuss root causes for and alternative solutions to the “burden of proof” imposed upon survivor communities. 

  6. The Listening Project: The listening project is an interview series, research initiative, and podcast that documents survivor stories in ways that are both guided by and healing for survivors. 


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Comprehensive #WMHO Guide


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