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Welcome to the 400+1 Scavenger Hunt!

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Question #3

Placement based on your capacity, innate skills and passions, the Orisha Principle, is an integral component of the 400+1’s movement theory. A helpful way to think about it is how you would like to show up for your comrades while engaging in Black revolutionary struggle. Which description BEST describes how you would like to be in relationship to your comrades?

Based on your response to this question you will be given a challenge. You have until 6:45 pm to complete your challenge. 

A) I would like to think through problems I observe and create procedures that would assist daily tasks like grocery shopping, collective chores and COVID precautions.

B) I would like to embody the “bad negro’ persona externally and demonstrate how this caricature can be leveraged to communicate the principles of the vanguard. 

C) I would like to commit to learning the culture, visiting local spots and patronizing Black restaurants in our changing locations and leverage my capacity to spread the awareness of the presence of the vanguard to new communities through conversation and trust building.  

D) I would like to leverage my capacity for my comrades by studying methods to heal myself and them in the form of essential oil offerings, space curation, and collective dinners.

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