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Welcome to the 400+1 Scavenger Hunt!

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Question #2

400+1’s movement theory calls for destabilization which includes: 

-the severing of the attachment between the Black masses and a system of oppression, usually characterized by a disruption in the access to that system of oppression 

-the subversion of the power dynamic between the Black masses and that system of oppression, usually characterized by divestment in the system and investment in an alternative. 


Assuming the system of oppression is policing, how would you offensively contribute to a destabilization?


Based on your response to this question you will be given a challenge. You have until 5:45 pm to complete your challenge. 

A) I would like to leverage my charisma to publically inspire folx to protect their own political interests by participating in the #MTB campaign 

B) I would pour my energy into creating the alternative that the Black masses could flee to, heal at and have their capacity expanded to engage in Black revolutionary struggle. 

C) I would be in deep community with the Black masses prior to, during and after the destabilization, making the contraindications clearer through formed trust while pointing toward the alternative. 

D) I would track the progress of the destabilization while creating systems that ensure each aspect of the destabilization is successful. 

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