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Welcome to the 400+1 Scavenger Hunt!

Please scroll down to find your first challenge.

Question #1 

Student campuses have traditionally been where incendiary thoughts and ideas could be mobilized into revolutionary movements. Orisha Land is home to multiple student populations including an HBCU, how would you recruit students to volunteer for the #MaritaltheBlock campaign?


Based on your response to this question you will be given a challenge. You have until 4:45 pm to complete your challenge. 

A) I would canvass student campuses with #MTB literature inviting students to our upcoming community meeting and learn about the needs of the students in Orisha Land

B) I would create a political zine that would inform students of the #MTB campaign that would demonstrate the intersecting political interests of students and the #MTB campaign.

C) Create a social media strategy to inform and recruit students for the #MTB campaign 

D) I would host a rally on a campus and speak to the students about the purpose of the #MTB campaign and how it will protect Black Lives. 

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