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Updated: Sep 17, 2018

Finally, I can see this space in its entirety. Still, I am limited. The knowledge isn’t enough. Cold crept over my body while I inhabited this place where dreams died and lovers quarrelled. ... Disorientation plagued my mind as I crawled through this room where greed begat oppression and oppression begat hate. What do you know? Are you levitating? Can you see this space in its entirety? Or have you turned a blind eye to the disease that has taken root? Have you chosen to ignore the sickness that has overtaken this body? Your neglect is irresponsible and unkind, but I’ve grown tired of begging you to abandon your apathy. I’ll settle for floating, disconnected, through the blood as you enjoy the spoils of a war you never fought. I’ll settle for a ticket to the show, watching the destruction of my spirit play out over plotlines that entail promises never fulfilled, lies told, inclusivity, and locked doors. Silly rabbit.

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