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Black first, always

I pray I grow stronger, sharper, and more militant. I pray people come to know me as a warrior who is ALWAYS Black first. I pray that time doesn't wash my anger, my passion, or my devotion away. I pray I never become the type of organizer who allows her work to be coopted and institutionalized in the worst way. I pray I stay rooted in the struggle and am never seduced by money, power, or prestige. I pray I never lose the courage to say FUCK THE POLICE or BLACK LIVES MATTER. I pray I don't become comfortable with symbolic action and endless marching and instead focus on exploiting weakness in the system, poking holes in and hitting oppressive institutions where it hurts.

I will not be watered down.

Being solution oriented does not mean selling out. And if I ever do.....If I ever show signs of weakness, of wanting to quit, of being susceptible to the poison that often infiltrates organizing spaces and revolutionary struggle, I hope there are Brothers and Sisters who will check me and bring me back.

This is not a game.

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