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Austin, TX
Atlanta, ga
oakland, ca
chicago, il
philadelphia, pa
new york city, nY
Washington D.C.


new york city

The 400 + 1 organizing tour is a nationwide recruiting effort, beginning in Austin, TX, purposed to connect with organizations spanning the U.S. that are leading the movement from different perspectives. We will be traveling to at least 6 cities over the course of 3 months to create a national network, unified by ideology, by acting as a connector for organizations and individuals already doing the work. 


Know an organization that should be included in our tour? Let us know by hitting that Put Us On button below. 

Follow us as we tour the nation to connect with radical organizations that are leading this work!

We are also taking this opportunity to recruit for 400 + 1 thought leadership. Our thought leaders are the intellectual driving force that grounds our movement in ideological value. The charismatic personalities that garnered momentum in the Civil Rights Movement, 400+1 leadership will assess the rapidly morphing political and social climate to voice our collective stance. 


Recognize your own light or know a thought leader? Recommend them for 400 + 1 recruitment by checking out our thought leader profiles below! 

join us!

We are committed to engaging, deeply, in study as we travel and have developed a syllabus that we’re excited to share with you!


You’re welcome to purchase or download the required resources associated with The Beyond Tour Syllabus, but allies are encouraged to purchase our movement boxes: prepackaged syllabus materials that will ship out to Black folks all over the country who would otherwise not be able to participate in our study collaborative. Movement boxes are available for purchase on our website and include several of the texts included in our syllabus, a DVD of one of the associated films, visual art, and 400+1 materials.


We also hope you’ll join us each morning for our Facebook live videos for the opportunity to discuss our selected texts, film, visual art, music, or collective experience.