On the birthday of Travyon Martin, a 13-year-old girl, was arrested at the Carver Branch, Austin Public Library on rumors of a schoolyard disagreement. Austin Public Library (APL)’s code of conduct policy, engagement with youth and the parameters of youth services fail our cities’ most vulnerable youth!



We stand with our L4 organizations in Austin, Black Sovereign Nation and Counter Balance: ATX in demanding that APL’s responsibility to protect the youth, as young as ten years old, who participate in its programs from interaction and engagement with Austin Police Department and are determined to see justice!

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Our Demands

Organizational Endorsements:

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How Can You Help

+ Read Our Update! Learn about the wins and losses of the #NS4BF campaign.


+ Follow our L4, Black Sovereign Nation (@bsn4autonomy) for the latest developments of the campaign in Austin!

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