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Mohammed Elnaiem

scholar | diplomat | revolutionary


Mohammed Elnaiem is a revolutionary, scholar, and an activist who has dedicated himself to the cause of black liberation and the fight for the world's struggling poor. 


In the United States, where he studied History at Bucknell University, he was active in the Black Lives Matter movement and worked with activists across the country. He was also trained by the Center for Third World Organizing, which sent him to Oakland to help in the local fight against Mass Incarceration. 


Inspired by the radical revolutionary efforts of the Kurds, he went on to do a masters degree on the potential relationship between the Kurdish and Black liberation movements at the University of Cambridge. Across Europe, he worked with the Kurdish youth movement and its effort to unite activists from various struggles -- from Catalan youth, to German and Swiss Anti-fascists -- within a radical, pan-European democratic project. 


He then went on to work with The Region, an independent news outlet formed by Kurdish and Turkish Leftists, which looks at Middle Eastern affairs from the perspective of the Kurdish liberation movement. 


In 2018, he returned to the University of Cambridge for a PhD in Sociology, where he is conducting a thesis that has two dimensions. Firstly, drawing inspiration from Eric Williams' Capitalism & Slavery, and the work produced by black leftist feminists like Angela Davis, Claudia Jones, and Louise Thompson Patterson -- he is doing a long and broad historical sociological study entitled Capitalism, Slavery and Patriarchy. He is asking whether they are different facets of the same system, or are separate systems.  


The second component to his study, following an invitation from Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves of St Vincent and the Grenadines, is to assess the Carribean claim for reparations from Britain and France. This is being spearheaded by CARICOM, the official body representing the 15 Carribean states, and one which is spearheading a state-led effort to make Britain and France come to terms with the fact that the world capitalist system was built off of the backs of slaves kidnapped from Africa. 


Mohammed Elnaiem is inspired by the Black Marxist tradition, and is excited to join 400+1. He believes that its model can help the black liberation movement,  bypass many of the impasses it faces now.

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Minister of International & Domestic Policy

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Capitalism Slavery

Killing the Black Body

The Saga and Descender Comics

Concerning Violence

Reconstruction: America After the Civil War

Naruto Shippudden



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