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L4 is a network of organizations, both pre-existing and developed by 400+1, that represent the various collective and organizational responses to systemic oppression that existed before 400+1’s inception. These organizations are tasked with developing programs that can become village-wide systems. Black Sovereign Nation, for example, has a fully functioning community school, Kuwa Kubwa, which will serve as the foundation of the village educational system. Working with the L1 Minister of Education, the curriculum and policy can be further developed to address the needs of an intentional living community of about 50 people. L4 organizations are in a mutually beneficial symbolic relationship that creates space for both macro and micro-success. 




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What does L4 stand for?
400+1 believes that each and every member of the diaspora must be a leader in the movement for Black liberation. That being said, we understand that we each have unique strengths, vulnerabilities, interests, and talents. We understand that we each are both inhibited and empowered by unique circumstances. We’ve taken all of that into consideration by compartmentalizing Black leadership into four styles. L4 is shorthand for “Leadership Style 4” and represents the brand of Black leadership that utilizes boots on the ground engagement through grassroots organizational structure to further the revolutionary agenda.


What organizations are eligible to join 400+1 as L4s? 

Black led organizations that task themselves with mobilizing the community around labor, health disparity, strategic direct action, food sovereignty, equitable education, imperialism, free, Black expression and autonomous alternatives to policing are eligible to join 400+1. 


  • To qualify, organizations must be willing to adhere to an agreed-upon value system, an example of which can be found below.


  • To qualify, organizations must be willing to participate in an equitable resource distribution; meaning that all grants and donations they receive as an organization will be received by L2 and redistributed throughout the 400+1 cooperative federation. It also means that the alternative streams of revenue are distributed, according to need, to L4 organizations as well.

I’m not currently a member of an organization. Can I still join 400+1 as an L4?

400+1 is excited to offer individual organizers and activists the opportunity to receive an L4 start up package that empowers them to build an eligible organization from the ground up. We understand how difficult it is to start out and stay radical. We hope to equip individuals with the funds, social capital, and human resources to do just that. 

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